/ And thunder and lightning in me / – Slashes in "The Book of Indictment and Faith" by Uri Zvi Grinberg


  • Neta Dan


Uri Zvi Grinberg, poetry, The Book of Indictment and Faith, slashes, punctuation


Uri Zvi Grinberg employed a variety of unconventional forms of punctuation in his poetic work. These act to instill graphic and visual intensity and evoke the strong forceful style characteristic of Grinberg's poetics.

 This study examines the diverse poetic functions of slashes in "The Book of Indictment and Faith" (1937). Although slashes were a contemporary addition to the Hebrew punctuation system and tend to be used mostly in technical contexts, Grinberg utilized them in his poems as of his first book in Hebrew published in 1924, and with increasing frequency in his subsequent works. Slashes are exploited to the maximum in "The Book of Indictment and Faith", where they take on a range of rhetorical and syntactic functions: they interrupt the reading sequence, act as iconic symbols, and function as rhetorical markers of emphasis. Grinberg's unique use of slashes are one of the linguistic hallmarks of his innovative poetic and linguistic style.